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Feb 07 2002

Today is my last day of work before our Chinese Ne…

Today is my last day of work before our Chinese New Year break, which starts tomorrow and lasts until the 18th. Eleven whole days to get my book into shape and a compelling proposal constructed before the Taipei International Book Exposition opens on the 19th. I will have to take 2 or 3 days off from work to attend, but that shouldn’t be too big a deal. This is important, after all, even though I have absolutely no clue as to how exactly one is supposed to get a book published. Mostly likely I’ll spend the greater portion of my time there wandering around wondering who the hell I should talk to.

Yesterday morning as I walked through Da-an Park on my way to the MRT I noticed a group of older people practicing Tai-chi Sword, apparently doing the same form that Seamus taught Dean and I so long ago, but different than the forms I’ve been learning more recently. This morning I saw them out there again, and I was thinking that I should leave early one morning and try to find out more about these people. They’re mostly older and mostly women, but any chance to learn more sword techniques is a good thing. At least in reasonable weather, which has been rather rare lately.

Last night I met up with former News-drone Graham, who is presently employed at the Times. The Times lately has been following the same path as the News did a couple of years ago, i.e. getting rid of the native English speakers on the copy desk and replacing them with cheaper Taiwanese copy editors, letting their parent organization’s political views take precedence over good objective reporting, etc. Maybe Graham is a cybernetic fabrication sent from the future to try and save the Times from the News’ fate. In that case, I should probably be nicer to him, no matter how hard he laughs at my shades and says I look like a thug.

Anyway, we repaired to the Tavern and were soon joined by other friends, including Brian Kennedy, who used to work at the News as well. Donovan, from Taichung, was also there and sported a roaring case of hiccups which he claimed were not in any fashion related to the series of empty Boddington’s glasses on his table. I don’t drink beer in general because it tends to taste terrible, but if I had to choose one it would be Boddington’s, just for the creamy texture. All in all, though, I’d rather have Bailey’s or Kahlua and half-n-half (slogan: Your arteries will love it!”).

Next Tuesday, a full month after I had my eyes zapped, I will be able to wash my hair and face properly for the first time in a month, sleep without eye covers, ride my motorcycle and perhaps even visit a sauna or two. I look forward to all of that.

Our reduced bonus ledgers were handed out yesterday, along with the Big Boss’ letter explaining that we aren’t doing so well. I circled the most blatant lies vigorously in red and drew a big question mark so that I can leave the letter on my desk for people to happen across. Did I reveal a company secret by suggesting we’re making more money this year than last year? Oops.

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