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Dec 03 2002

This morning on IM: Poagao: http://esotericrabb…

This morning on IM:

Poagao: http://esotericrabbit.blogspot.com/#intro

Poagao: Australian Filmmaking Prodigy Writes Blog

Poagao: He uses words like “Swellegant”

Mindcrime: loverly

Mindcrime: at least he doesn’t whine about his apartment 😛

Poagao: touche

MC’s got a point; I’ll just whine about filmmaking then: Last night I wrangled a rough edit of the short we’ve been working on from Premiere before going to bed at 2 a.m. The original title, 5 Minutes in Taipei is already out, as the entire short is less than four minutes long, so the tentative title at this point is Alphadogah*. I really enjoyed editing once I got the basic hang of it. Sure beats working on a Steenbeck table with knife and tape.

Some of the footage we shot later in the day has a different cast to it, and the audio seems to change as the day progresses as well. Tired actors, no doubt. (Note to self: Next time, buy coffee for actors towards end of shoot.) My previously wicked camera skillz are inexcusably rusty, and my unfamiliarity with the machine really shows. I was even zooming at some points, fer cryin’ out tears. Still, I think it’s workable and even mildly entertaining so far. My next Big Purchase shall have to be real audio equipment, a directional mic, casing and boom, although I might be able to borrow the boom.

The performances I got from Maurice and Leta on Saturday were great and really mix well with Dean‘s naturalistic slick-haired swagger and Maoman‘s portrayal of an inept newbie. I’ll have to start delving into Premiere’s bells and whistles now that I’ve got the basic editing stuff down (I think). I also need one final shot involving an alien from Episode IV, music and credits, and I’ll be set to start the next short, whatever that may be. I’m thinking something perhaps a bit more serious this time around. Something worth lugging a tripod around for every shot, with 16:9 shots worth lighting properly, etc. My perpetual goal is, of course, to do something that doesn’t suck quite as badly as the last thing I did. It sounds modest, but believe me, not sucking isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.

*Al-pha-do-gah (ael’fe do’gaa) n. 1. The dominant foreigner or non-Chinese person within any given group of foreigners in Taiwan.

[via Latin from Greek, of Phoenician origin; related to Hebrew aleph, literally: ox and Fukienese term “Ah-do-gah” literally: protruding nose]

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