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Jan 19 2002

Things I did today: 1. Cleaned my room. That…

Things I did today:

1. Cleaned my room.

That’s it. And it wasn’t even a very thorough job, either. I just have so much stuff it’s impossible to deal with any portion of it and not devote entire days slaving away at it. The result of today’s work is a room one can feasibly walk across without stepping on anything sharp or squishy, or anything that is likely to protest vocally (that’s one of the things I kinda like about turtles, actually).

Another result of today’s dredging of my room was three large sacks of things I wanted to throw away. To do this, of course, I packed them in paper bags and snuck out to some nearby public garbage cans and made sure nobody was looking when I dumped them. The reason I had to do this is our dear government has decided that the garbage problem will go away if everyone packages their garbage in plastic bags that the government sells. It’s such an incredible racket, and one that I refuse to be a part of. I’ll keep using paper bags, thanks very much, so city hall is just going to have to go without that portion of my hard-earned salary in its coffers, and the environment is just going to have to go without the plastic bags I am expected to buy and use to throw away my garbage.

You may be wondering why I would choose to spend the entire day in my room rooting through old papers and floppy disks of dubious legitimacy when I could be outside. The answer is two-fold: first of all, I don’t want to be outside too much because my eyes aren’t healed yet, and secondly, it’s cold and rainy. Tomorrow’s temps are supposed to be 10-14 degrees C, which is just about as cold as it gets in Taiwan proper, so I’ll probably play hide-and-seek with my turtles, although, being reptiles and all, they tend to go into little turtle comas when it gets cold.

Tomorrow I plan to pay my rent and possibly have a meal or two. Exciting stuff. Stay tuned!

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