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Nov 16 2002

There’s been a good Irish band playing at the Shan…

There’s been a good Irish band playing at the Shannon the past few nights. Although I’ve sworn off eating at the Shannon ever again, I’ve enjoyed their music a couple of times whilst nursing a long glass of cranberry juice. The band consists of a Scottish guy and an Irish guy, and they both sing and play various instruments. Quite fun. Although due to this damn lingering illness I’ve been in a crappy mood ever since I got sick, almost a month ago now. I’m sick of feeling sick, I am. Not only does it sap my energy and interest in doing anything constructive, I’m even less fun than I usually am, which is pretty dire if you know me. I feel like I’m stuck in a slower-moving time stream, and all my friends seem like excited, energetic Jane-Fonda-on-Uppers types to me in comparison. One moment I’ll be feeling tired but ok, and the next I’ll fall into a nauseous malaise and feel generally sick. It comes and goes, and any improvement is so slow I just can’t see it.

I don’t mean to rant on about such things; I usually reserve this kind of whinging for my private journal, but I’d just like to explain why I haven’t been posting nearly as much recently. Steve came up to Taipei this weekend and is speaking at the Toastmasters Club up in Tianmu. I have to work two jobs next week as my successor at my old job has to make a visa run to Hong Kong or something. I could use the money, such as it is, but I’m not looking forward to losing my free time, most of which I spend Being Listless these days. I suppose I can Be Listless there as well, though.

The weather is dreary, cold and rainy, and I’m just lazing about at home, so there’s not much to write about, really. Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things soon.

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