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Aug 02 2002

The weather today is downright bizarre. Light, flu…

The weather today is downright bizarre. Light, fluffy clouds graced an otherwise brilliant blue sky as I mounted my motorcycle and took off for work, but before I could get to the first intersection I found myself at the mercy of a sudden, unrelenting downpour.

Cursing, I rode back to my building, parked, went upstairs to put away my helmet, and came down again to find the brilliant weather had returned. I debated going up and getting my helmet again, but it seemed like too much trouble, and besides, the weather was obviously in a mischievous mood, so I hailed a cab instead. Later I was glad I did, as we passed through several patches of heavy rain on the way in.

At lunch it appeared to be pouring down, but then suddenly it was clear skies again. The clouds were really hustling across the sky. It was like Taipei was being visited by the ghost of a typhoon. Confused pedestrians cowered their way through the combination of wind, rain and bright sunlight. The strange weather continues to echo my mood, or perhaps it is the other way around.

I had an atrocious chicken pita for lunch in the middle of yet another movie set. Do directors realize that everything they film at Warner Village looks like everything else filmed at Warner Village? This was a genuine movie, but the exceedingly model-like women I saw being made up lead me to believe that it couldn’t be a very good one. We’ll see, I suppose.

After lunch I went over to Zhuangjing St. to buy lottery tickets. I don’t normally waste my limited financial resources on those things, but I have such extraordinarily bad luck that Kirk implored me to buy at least three tickets, just so he would know which numbers not to buy, thus vastly improving his own chances. Expensive cars were parked all around the lotto center, and obviously well-off people were lined up inside buying simply ridiculous amounts of lottery tickets. Tens of thousands of dollars worth, in fact. I suppose it takes money to make money, but surely even the stock market will give you better chances than the frickin’ lottery.

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