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Apr 11 2002

The Vampire nearest me at the office tends to play…

The Vampire nearest me at the office tends to play one or two songs from one CD, set to loop, all day long. Today is Annoying Pseudo-reggae Song Day. I’ve noticed that many Taiwanese people see TV, movies and music more as background distractions than actual entertainment, so this doesn’t seem to annoy anyone at the office. Except me, of course.

Last night I went to the Great Eastern Tavern to meet up with Dean, Carl, Graham and some other people. In contrast to its name the establishment is really just one tiny room on Changchun Rd. It was empty when I arrived at 7, but began to fill up after 10 or so. More and more people came in, including a group of four really annoying business types who began to dance on the bar to bad cover music.

Carl and Dean and I stayed until around 1 am. Carl, in between glasses of whiskey and expressions of desire to live in Paris, was asking me “the hard questions” about my book, most of which I couldn’t answer. This doesn’t bode well for my finding a publisher, I suppose, but I’m still going to try. I just need to stop fiddling with it and learn to abandon it, as they say. I also need to begin a new creative endeavor, either another book, short story, film or even art.

After I got home I saw that someone had left a message on my phone. I thought it might be the DIY people, but it wasn’t. It was Sho. He had had an argument with his family. We talked a bit and he said we should get in touch today. I’ve called him twice this afternoon, but his phone is off. So I might go down to TLI and sit in on a Taiwanese class with Berta Liao. She’s spoken well of it to me and wanted to know if I would be interested in joining it, so I said I would take check it out.

The weather continues to be gloomy and mistily oppressive. I hope this lifts soon. It’s really getting me down.

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