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Mar 09 2002

The Urban Nomad Film Festival’s first night was mo…

The Urban Nomad Film Festival’s first night was more of a dress rehearsal. They showed a couple of my films, first Coolishness and then The End. It’s located at the old Wine & Tobacco factory where Ba-de Road sprouts from Zhongxiao E. Road, next to the beginning of the Xinsheng overpass there. It’s a spooky old place, built by the Japanese, I believe, and the festival is being held in a warehouse at the very back. I’ll upload the cool pictures I took of it last night later, because I’m off to give Dean a hat for their play’s photo shoot.

If you like, come on down to the festival. It’s more like a party with films than a festival, really. It’s at the Hua-shan Arts center, No.1, Ba–de Road, section one, from about 8pm until midnight or so. There should be a lot more people there tonight.

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