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Mar 26 2002

The sun made a welcome appearance today. It felt a…

The sun made a welcome appearance today. It felt almost like summer, and some of the workmen downstairs even went shirtless. A couple of days ago I actually woke up and watched the sunrise from my balcony, something I usually only do in the summer. The streets of Taipei are at their quietest at about 4 or 5 in the morning, and my room is at its best without the sound of traffic booming along downstairs; the perfect time to sit out on my balcony and watch the clouds undergo the transition from night to day. Then I went back to sleep and had a hard time getting up again at 8:30, when I usually get up.

I went and made a Virtual Poagao, but he’s just standing there in his underwear, and the fubu.com site isn’t working. The only other options for clothing are places like Land’s End and some other similar shit, neither of which matches my usual attire. So I’ll either wait for the Fubu stuff to get back up or succumb to the insistent clamor of my readers to see me in all of my virtual glory in virtual underpants, which by the way are gray boxers.

I just watched The Great Escape, which was impressive until the Great Escape actually happened. Then the story kind of fell apart, and then gathered itself back together again at the end. The chase scenes were rather bizarre, with the Germans using magic to pop up wherever the escaped prisoners went. All in all a great movie, albeit directionless at times.

A crowd of Oriented.org posters in Taiwan are getting together for dinner this Thursday evening at Trader Vic’s on Minsheng E. Road. I’m not sure if I want to go. I probably will, more out of curiosity than any actual need to further discuss the kinds of idiotic issues we usually argue about in the forums there. I feel like bringing my sword, however, just in case anyone mentions test cases involving the SFPT.

In other news, Harry said that I could register my residence at his place in Sanchung again, for now at least. Also, Billy called and told me that he wants me to go with him to film kiwis in New Zealand for a week or so at the end of next month. Sounds delicious.

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