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Jul 02 2002

The pictures from the Oriented Happy Fun Time Hour…

The pictures from the Oriented Happy Fun Time Hour are up, but I didn’t get any close-ups. This time around I appear more as the shadowy background figure to the side, the kind you find circled on the cover of Next Magazine or the National Enquirer: Does Poagao Exist? New Photos Say Yes!

The sun was shining brightly through my curtains this morning, so brightly that I woke up early in spite of the fact that I was up until three a.m. last night trying to get that damn lightsaber from underneath the cage on Yavin IV.

I pulled the curtains open and saw blue skies, the mountains surrounding Taipei clearly visible. Must be a typhoon coming, I thought. Our first, badly needed typhoon. Sure enought, Typhoon Rammasun is out there and could even bring in some rain to ease our parched island’s empty water coffers. It should arrive just in time for the choral concert. Perhaps Patti, in her desperation, sold it tickets. I can see her now, chatting up Rammasun, saying things like “I had no idea weather systems like you were so interested in Baroque music!”

I met with the gang from Asian Culture Publishing for lunch today at a Japanese noodle/ice cream restaurant at Neo 19, next door to our office. They had sent me a copy of the contract I would be signing for the Chinese version of the damn book. I had noticed that the terms in the contract were noticably better than the ones they had outlined beforehand. I wondered if I should bring it up, but regretted it when I did; it turns out that the better terms were the result of a typo. Oh, well.

Jacques’ editing system is tied up at the moment editing Dragonboat footage, so I might have to rent an editing suite to put the new soundtrack on the film and add the new credits. This could cost me, but I don’t seem to have any choice at this point. If I wait too long I will have to fedex the damn film and press kit (I have no idea what is supposed to go into one of those, actually. I should just send photos of me swimming nude off the coast of Green Island or something like that) to Toronto to get it there in time.

There’s some sort of fair going on in the square across the street from my office. I don’t know what it is, but there’s a picture of Skippy peanut butter on one of the signs visible from here. I realize that you can find Skippy peanut butter just about anywhere in Taiwan, but I’m curious what it’s doing as the main attraction at an outdoor fair.

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