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Jan 11 2002

The moving people are roaming around the office to…

The moving people are roaming around the office today. Huge stacks of boxes are being prepared as we get ready for the big move. It’s kind of cool. I am looking forward to the change of venue. Maybe it will be like changing jobs, without all of the hassle of finding another job. Perhaps they’ll even realize that a lot of sensitive documents cross my desk and put me in a relatively isolated spot where I won’t be so likely to inadverdantly leak secrets. One can hope.

Carl took Dean, Kay and I to one of his favorite teppenyaki places last night. We met up in the lavish lobby of the Grand Hyatt. Next door, the new Taipei Financial Center is making good progress. Already it towers over everything else in the area, even though it’s still got a long way to go. At least 75 stories, or perhaps 110 if the builders get their way. Sparks from the welders were cascading from it as I parked and walked over to meet Dean.

I don’t know why Carl arranged for us to meet at the Hyatt, because the restaurant he was taking us to is located in the Tonghua Night Market, several blocks away. I think Carl just has a habit of meeting people at the Hyatt. Maybe it makes him seem more glamourous or something.

The teppanyaki was good, and the chef was cute. I remarked on this to Carl, but he just looked at me over his glasses and said “You must be joking.” After dinner we walked over to the Watershed and had some drinks before going our seperate ways. Again, I didn’t have too much to say. Dean entertained us by talking about “ignatius rock” features in Australia.

Dave, who used used to work at the News and now works at a cushy job in Hong Kong, is in town, so we’re going to get together after I get out of sword practice for dinner and drinks. The last time Dave and I went out, when I was last in Hong Kong, I got amazingly drunk and had a great time. I can’t get too drunk this time, though, since I’m scheduled to have my eyes zapped tomorrow morning. I feel like going to a sauna.

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