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Jun 03 2002

The Mirror Project pictures are up, all four of th…

The Mirror Project pictures are up, all four of them. I’m going to get tired of looking for reflective surfaces one of these days, if not just tired of looking at myself.

I was informed by our finance department that I probably wouldn’t be fined for missing a few pieces of income on my tax forms. “Lots of people can’t keep track of their income,” she said in a tone that indicated she didn’t understand such confusion from a person in my particular tax bracket. I’ll get a notice from them when the time comes, telling me how much more I owe, I suppose. Everyone I know seems to be expecting huge returns this year, but then again most everyone I know is making more than I am.

Speaking of obscenely rich people, the Computex Expo is on at the Taipei World Trade Hall next door, so we’re overrun with rumpled, red-faced businessmen sitting around smoking and being loud. I was at the Nokia shop trying to get my phone looked at, since it cuts out at awkward moments, as if it’s embarrassed to be eavesdropping on my conversation and forgets it’s a phone (odd, since the thing is supposed to be “not for the timid” according to the promotion). As I sat at the counter waiting, one of the business types rushed in wanting to buy a Nokia Communicator, but the staff didn’t understand what he was saying. I was waiting for them to break into some semblance of English, but the guy rushed out again in a huff. “What did he want?” they asked me. I pointed to the model he wanted to buy.

“How much is that one?” I asked.

“NT$29,000,” they told me.

“That’s what he wanted to buy. I guess you just lost a sale,” I said, but they shook their heads.

“It only comes with a Chinese interface.” They seemed relieved that the guy would have just been wasting his time.

It’s supposed to thunderstorm here for the next couple of days, according to the Central Weather Bureau, which I suspect is being a bit optimistic by posting little animated gifs with red lightning flashing out of choppy black clouds. I’m afraid, however, that the drought is not going to let up until my water-resistant shoes are either stolen or proven useless. Yes, the weather in this part of the world does indeed revolve around my choice of footwear. I’m such a selfish bastard. I should look for some shoes that would get ruined in a downpour; I guarantee you the drought would be over before you could say “No returns”. Unfortunately for Taiwan’s rice farmers, I cannot bring myself to purchase such shoes, which I think in most cases come with small ornamental mutant dogs genetically designed without legs so you have to carry them around with you all the time.

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