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Feb 17 2002

The Five-minute Film Festival went pretty well. I …

The Five-minute Film Festival went pretty well. I was told that it was two years in the making, which is rather extraordinary. I saw some stuff I had seen before as well as some stuff that I hadn’t, and I won a pineapple and a mini-DV/keychain that transforms into a min-DV/keychain with arms, legs and a head. My first festival award! Go me!

Last night as I was walking home, shunning major thoroughfares in favor or misty back alleys, Taipei felt rather disconnected to me, like a ghost town designed by an impressionist painter. It was a strange feeling, but I suppose it’s necessary to disconnect from one’s situation for a bit now and then, for perspective and general sanity. Perhaps it’s more necessary for me than for other people.

It’s Sunday, and the Book expo begins on Tuesday. I haven’t decided yet exactly what to tell my boss concerning why I won’t be in that day or the next. “Something came up” perhaps, or “My back hurts” or something like that. Probably the former, in case I get caught, since the expo is just one block away from my office. Maybe I could maintain the illusion of going to work and just slipping off a lot. That’s pretty much what I do most days anyway. We’ll see. Now I have to go through more photos. It’s a beautiful day out today, perfect for going somewhere, but also nice for opening one’s windows and letting the fresh breeze in.

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