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Dec 26 2002

The cold, wet weather today is perfect for the cur…

The cold, wet weather today is perfect for the current post-Christmas/pre-Chinese New Year blue period. Fortunately this period usually lasts for about an hour in Taiwan. Chinese New Year comes early this year, in January rather than February as it usually does, so the period may only last a few minutes.

Azuma was nice enough to help me finish the shooting part of Alphadogah so that I can move on to post production. We filmed two different endings so that I can see which matches up best. There had been calls for Azuma to wear his Jedi costume, which can be seen here. Azuma’s the guy with long hair and glasses in the Mace Windu get-up. Apparently this group of Star Wars fans, including the surprisingly short Darth Vader, has been itching to do a fan film and might want such non-Chinese-appearing personalities as Dean and myself to act in it because, as Azuma puts it, “Face it, there just weren’t that many Chinese Jedi. Some of them were, after all, not Chinese.” Fair enough. I just want to get this project done and begin something else, something a bit more ambitious, a bit more challenging to make. If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to let me know. As long as it doesn’t involve “this young, handsome American dude who finds himself in Taiwan, and he teaches English and, like, freaks out because it’s Taiwan! But he meets this Taiwanese girl, and she’s, you know, hot, and they get it on, yeah?”

Uh, no. I wouldn’t have a problem doing something all in Chinese either. Involving swords, betelnut-spitting, night markets and scooter chases through vast mountainside graveyards, perhaps. To opera music.

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