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Oct 07 2002

Somewhere within my computer at home, XP is now lu…

Somewhere within my computer at home, XP is now lurking. Victor and Kirk came over to the CMT yesterday after a Kirk’s-Family-in-Mainland-China-Photo-Showing Luncheon to spend an entire afternoon helping me reformat my hard drive and then install the nefarious OS, yea and verily the one I said I’d never use. Alas, I’ve mellowed over the months, and now I’m willing to give it a try, though I’m still a bit worried that once I get online it will try to blackmail me into sending my mortal soul to a post office box in Redmond.

The day had started out warm and sunny, but as we fiddled with the computer, it degenerated into a typical winter atmosphere, dark and drizzly. Kirk laughed at me shivering in my skater pants as we took the MRT up to the Estrogen Mall to see a movie. Nothing new was on, so I watched Road to Perdition again, since Kirk hadn’t seen it. I also introduced him to the Caramelly Caramel ice cream. On the way back we stopped off at a CD/Coffeehouse called CD/Coffeehouse and listened to 40’s Shanghai music. The staff were all huddled around one of the tables, seemingly plotting a movie, but the discussion became argumentative when one of the group, a largish woman, didn’t get her way with some shot of a hand.

It’s been a busy day at work, except I’ve done no actual work. Instead I’ve been running around getting things signed and notarized so that I can get paid. No surprise, really, and I don’t have a problem with it. Seems fitting for a Monday, actually.

Double Ten Day, the official National Day of the Republic of China on Taiwan, is coming up. Everyone gets the day off, and the major roads are being lined with shiny new flags (or shiny old flags. I can’t tell, really). There will be the usual parade, although the processions these days don’t seem nearly as grand as they used to be. Seems a pity, really. I think we need a holiday with huge military parades, tanks, planes flying over, ranks of military academy students, bands, and all that. Nowadays the parade seems to have shrunk to no more than a few aboriginal dance groups and some artist doing interpretive art inside an old refrigerator. At least we still get the day off.

Three new Mirror Project pictures.

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