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Apr 05 2002

So far my 4-day weekend is turning out ok. I rode …

So far my 4-day weekend is turning out ok. I rode over to Sanchung yesterday morning and went with Harry to the government offices there to transfer my residency to that forsaken place, and then we went to the Guanghua Market to hang out and look at CD holders. After our mutual friend Yong-gen finished up closing the gym where he works, we went up to the hot springs, where we soaked and chatted under the stars until the wee hours of the morning. It’s tomb-sweeping day here so most of the population is down south and there weren’t many people there. The streets this weekend are rather bereft of foreigners as well due to Spring Scream down in Kending. It was so late by the time we finished I decided to sleep over at Harry’s.

This afternoon Harry and I met Kirk and Victor at a new Southeast Asian restaurant on Xinyi and Dunhua Rds. It wasn’t bad, and it’s always fun to have several of my friends get together and discuss my various shortcomings as well as a few of my more prominent neuroses. The weather, previously hot and sunny, got all gray and gloomy after that, so I’ve just been sitting around salivating over the JLAPE issues of DC Comics. I’ve already had two days off, and it’s still Friday. Nice. Our apartment is now completely inhabited by males, following the departure of our only remaining female tennant a few days ago. I wonder if this means we can all start lounging around in our underwear and leaving pizza boxes out for weeks. I haven’t met our new tennant yet. All I know if that he works for one of those English-teaching radio programs. I can imagine our conversations already:

Me: “Hey, what’s up?”

Radio Guy: “Hello. I would like to make a withdrawal. Can you help me?”

Me: “Huh?”

Radio Guy: “This is a book.”

Me: “Yo, I think ya got the wrong lesson there.”

Radio Guy: “Excuse me, officer. My wallet has been stolen.”

Me: (thumbs through script) “Oh, I see; you’re on Chapter 27: Driving Your Roomates Insane.”

I know, not much of an entry for three days’ time. To make up for this gross insult to my readers, I submit for your entertainment two pictures of actual establishments near where I live. First there is the Church of French Horn Music. Hey, I like french horn music just much as the next guy, but somehow I think these people are carrying their appreciation for this backward instrument a bit too far.

The second is a nice, upscale restaurant called I Swear. I’m curious. Is it ok to swear at I Swear? Can I cuss out the waiter for taking too long with my Bit o’ Trendy Chicken with Tad of Random Vegetable? Sure, I’d pay a bit more for that. Who wouldn’t? If it’s popular enough they could open up a branch called “I Bitchslap”.

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