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Jul 03 2002

Rammasun the Typhoon has not yet given a clear ind…

Rammasun the Typhoon has not yet given a clear indication whether or not it is planning to attend tonight’s choral concert. Everyone expects it to turn north and leave us with nothing more than a bit o’ rain, or at least an RSVP. I am meeting Maoman, Vanessa and Berta at the National Concert Hall tonight around 7. I suppose it’s just as well I don’t have a helmet, since I wouldn’t enjoy riding around in this ‘typhoon-but-not-really’ weather. I was all set to go down and purchase an Arai or Shoei helmet for roughly 30 times the cost of my motorcycle until I was reminded that Dean still has some helmets leftover from our trip to Yanshui a few months ago. Ah-ha. Cheap but servicable, for the moment.

The woman from Locus Publishing called me last night, and we had a heart-to-heart about the damn book. They still need a couple of days to figure out what, if anything, they can offer me, but they definitely seem interested. I would hate to turn down the Asian Culture people after seeming to lead them on for so long, but I suppose it comes down to who will do the best job, as well as who puts together the best offer. I had hoped to make a decision this week, but it looks like I’ll have to wait until next week.

One thing that can’t wait until next week is the film, i.e. I need to get it done and send it and any kind of press kit I can come up with to Toronto ASAP. Jacques’ system, I established after a lengthy and thumb-tiring SMS session on the ole phone, is tied up until Saturday afternoon, but Ah-qiang might have a lead on a studio I could use tomorrow night. He told me to bring in my materials to work just in case we had to make a quick incursion-type mission at some point tomorrow. If we do it right, I might even be able to avoid paying for it, which would be cool as several major purchases are looming, including a new monitor, probably a 17″ LCD, a Sony VX2000 or Canon GL1, plus various accompanying production equipment, and possibly a Mac to edit on.

I have no idea how I am going to pay for all of that; all I can hope for is a good offer for the damn book and an even better one for the English version in the near future. Or I could just knock over a bank dressed in a pinstripe suit and carrying a tommygun, then escaping in a large black Dusenberg and getting precisely seven feet down the road before I am trapped in a sea of scooters and arrested for tax evasion.

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