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Jan 21 2002

Predictably, yesterday was spent cleaning my room …

Predictably, yesterday was spent cleaning my room and going through old army photographs. Last night I donated my collection of computer games to Dean’s Gaming Addiction, earning from him the illustrious title of “Enabler”. I don’t think his girlfriend is too happy with me right now.

Today is the latest in a long series of gray, misty dark days in Taipei. This is Taipei at its worst, when there’s no incentive to look at anything because nothing is worth looking at. No mountains visible in the distance, no sky or even interesting clouds. Just cold, dim greyness and row upon row of ugly tiled buildings stretching into the gloom. And the weather reports say it’s only going to get colder.

Fortunately this is one of those city that improves vastly at night, when it unfurls all of its neon-induced splendor. I just reserved four tickets to see The Fellowship of the Ring this evening at Warner Village. Dean, his girlfriend Kay, his co-worker Brian and I are going to meet there for dinner before the movie. It will be the first movie I’ve seen in a long time, and the first I will have seen with zapped eyes. My vision isn’t quite stable yet, and I shouldn’t spend so much time looking at this tiny computer screen, but hopefully the big screen will be a more comfortable experience.

We got some good news in the form of notification that we get Friday off for “packing”. One of my co-workers warned me against having too much stuff because “there won’t be anywhere to put it.” Apparently everyone is going to be scrunched into a much smaller space. Just another kind of downsizing, I’ll wager. No wonder they’re giving us a seesaw. I wonder if there’s a punching bag, too. Hey, maybe that’s what the’re doing with Whiny Woman!

Well, one can hope.

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