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Mar 07 2002

Poagao for President! Now, with President Chen…

Poagao for President!

Now, with President Chen’s official approval, I can begin my campaign to become president of the ROC. Remember, a vote for Poagao is a vote for Creative yet Surprisingly Lazy Leadership in the finest philosophical Taoist tradition of just leaving thing the hell alone: “An effective leader does nothing, but under his leadership, everything gets done.” See? It’s the perfect job!

In other news, an online zine called Delusions of Adequacy wants me to write a monthly column for them on stuff from Taiwan. Sounds fun. If I can spare enough time from my busy election campaign, I just might do it.

In still more news, the professor from Cornell wrote me back this morning and said “your best prospect for publication would be an English (or possibly a Chinese) version of your text published on Taiwan.” In other words: “We don’t like your book. Stop bothering us.” Simply put, the English-speaking market in Taiwan is not large enough to support an English-language edition book, and the Chinese market, at least the female part of it that constitutes the acquisition managerial staffs, just isn’t interested in army stuff.

Oh, well. I’m still going to create a web page on here just for the book. That’ll show ’em!

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