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Apr 23 2002

One year ago, I began blogging here with these few…

One year ago, I began blogging here with these few entries. Since then I’ve gone to Australia, met new friends, finished my book and gained a noticable amount of weight. In celebration of this momentous event, instead of just going to bed like I usually do, I wrote a new edition of the News from the Renegade Province for all of you.

Also for your entertainment:

Bloodgolf! These ladies are still ready for a few rounds, even after that encounter with the leopards on the 17th fairway.

Bizarre Drinks with Cannibalistic Overtones! Not just cannibalism, mind you, but blonde cannibalism. I can’t decide whether that makes it worse or better.

Manboy! Just the scooter for those people who just can’t make up their minds,

And finally, Sparkling Scooter! Or not.

Office Turtle was awfully lazy today, just lying around on his rock. I was a bit concerned until I looked it up online and found that “yes, turtles do sit around on rocks a lot. In fact, that’s just about all they do, so don’t expect so much, you pathetic wannabe catowner.” Or words to that effect.

This afternoon I had a phone interview with the reporter from ICRT. It seemed to go well, although I don’t envy his his task of finding a minute and a half of usable material among my 20 minutes of random muttering, ranting and curses. He said it should air on May 2nd or so. I still don’t know when the TV spot is going on, or even if it is going on. Perhaps someone will see it and tell me about it. “Hey!” some random stranger on the street will shout out suddenly in recognition. “I know you! You’re that crazy foreigner who broke his sword in front of a huge TV audience!”

After work I rode over to the office of the military magazine/publisher who is interested in publishing the Chinese version of the Damn Book. It was a dirty little office in an dirty old building, but I have yet to see an organized publisher’s office here in Taiwan. I talked with some of the staff and they seemed ok, and I also looked at some of the books they had put out, including the Chinese version of Richard Marcinko’s Rogue Warrior series. Cool. I love those books, and it would be cool to be published by the same house, even if it is only the Chinese version.

That is all.

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