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Mar 05 2002

Office Window Fun When I waltz in to work in th…

Office Window Fun

When I waltz in to work in the morning at around 9:30 or 10:00, all of the window blinds are down and shut, so I dutifully go around and open them, letting the sunlight and nice view of the mountains in, thus letting everyone enjoy our new environment.

Until about noon, that is, when the Vampires arrive. The Vampires are the (almost always) female managers who snagged the window-side cubicles but shrink away from sunlight as it will shrivel them up into little dustballs. They tend to dress all in black and wear sunglasses indoors so that you suspect they’re glaring at you. In a cycle of ever-increasing vehemence, the Vampires will stride immediately over to the blinds and then ineptly slam them shut with a bang that grows louder with each passing day. Soon I’m going to be found and punished with leeches, I’m sure, but I’m willing to take that chance, since these windows are the whole office’s, not just theirs, and there’s no reason the rest of us peons can’t enjoy the light when they’re not here.

Plus I do really enjoy the little production they make about closing the blinds when they come in every day. The Vampires are just so cute when they’re annoyed.

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