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Jun 24 2002

Not a lot of work today at the office, but I was p…

Not a lot of work today at the office, but I was pretty busy nonetheless. For one thing, I realized that I do not, in fact, have the rights to the music in the short film that was accepted by the film festival in Canada, so I can either achieve the impossible and get the rights to a piece by Philip Glass, or I can re-do the soundtrack. Luckily, I do happen to know some composers, and my mate Womble‘s stuff is the best for this kind of thing, I think. Problem is, he’s in another hemisphere. It’s crazy, but it might just work.

Another ongoing concern is the Chinese version of the Damn Book. I thought I had settled on a publisher, but one of my previous choices, the one where I was told I should re-write to focus not on the army but on the general adventures of Mr. John Q. Foreigner in Taiwan, wants to talk with me about a deal. Perhaps this article has caused them to rethink their priorities and they want to present another opinion. Personally I think that guy’s a bit whiny, but I suppose that, as this society becomes more and more affluent, you’re going to see more and more guys who think that being cussed out is a violation of their human rights. The article mentions that he is a NTU graduate. Well, whoop-dee-shit.

The radio interview people want me to come in for a third reading. Technical problems, they claim. And then there’s the upcoming trip to Hong Kong with Mindcrime et al. And my laundry place was closed. And the next nearest one was so overwhelmed with laundry they couldn’t get it back to me within a week. What’s going on? Was there a mass mudbath party when I was gone?

Workwise, there wasn’t a lot to do today, which was just as well since I wasn’t much in the mood to deal with it. I’m getting sick of spending eight hours a day loafing around, working on shedding this brown skin color I’ve managed to obtain over the course of three days on Green Island and bending my posture to fit an office chair.

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