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May 14 2002

My sense of humor has been accused of being my bes…

My sense of humor has been accused of being my best asset, a sort of compensation for not having really grown up despite the fact that I’m already 33 years old. I suppose, as it is with many people, it is a sort of coping mechanism or something the psychologists talk about. The first time I heard the word “cope” was when my aunt said it was something I had to learn to do one time as she consoled me during a fight between my grandparents and my mother when I was 7 or so.

When I was that age, I wanted a sense of humor. I wanted to be able to trade the kind of witty banter that Hawkeye and Trapper John made a routine part of their conversations on TV every afternoon. Every night I looked forward to the jokes my brother and sister would trade at the dinner table. To me, my brother was the epitome of wit and sophistication. He could actually predict when the light would turn green! (it just didn’t occur to me that you could watch the other lights at the intersection). He was into the humor of Steve Martin and could make me cry I was laughing so hard. We used to record our banter and play it back. I wish I’d kept the recordings. I think I have a portion of one of those tapes somewhere, but that’s all. In any case, be it coping mechanism or just plain lack of charm on my part, I still think my brother is far funnier than I am.

I should probably be at home in bed, but due to my overwhelming sense of loyalty to my company I’m at the office today despite my something-itis and sore back. Had a migraine this morning to sweeten the deal, plus a couple of people throwing huge powerpoint files at me and wondering if I could skip lunch to accomplish some sort of time travel trick and get them finished by an hour ago. All I can say is, as shitty as this day is, thank god for MP3s, friends on ICQ and a sense of humor.

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