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Aug 08 2002

My motorcycle is getting a free washing courtesy o…

My motorcycle is getting a free washing courtesy of a sudden rainstorm this afternoon. Looks like I’ll be walking home tonight, which kind of sucks as I was planning to take a lot of my office shit home with me today, saving the last bit of detrius and Office Turtle for tomorrow. It’s very quiet at work; all of my cubicle-mates are off at a meeting somewhere. Not a lot of people know I’m leaving soon. It feels so strange to be leaving this job, even though I’m glad to be moving on. I suppose I’ve become over-used to the lack of challenge it presents. The only difference with the new job is the amount of time I usually spend at work rather than the work itself. Hopefully this will translate to more development in other, more interesting areas. Blah, blah, blah, I know: You’ll believe that when you see it. Fair enough.

I deposited the pittance that is my book advance in the Land Bank account this morning. The Chungking Mansions Taipei (other potential name: “Pulp Mansions”) is located in front of a nice old neighborhood with really old two-story apartment buildings and lots of trees. Should be nice for walking around outside while the cooking smoke clears from the corridor. I need to find boxes to pack things in soon, especially as Stephen the Mover needs to come over and assess the situation, what kind of resources he needs to pull it off, etc.

Mindcrime called me last night to warn me about Dengue Fever, cases of which have been popping up near the park, apparently. I guess it’s all the stagnant water and over-eager mosquitoes trying to make up for lost business during the Great Drought of ’02. Makes me feel marginally better about moving away from the park, it does, but I am still going to really miss my view. As Dean, Mindcrime and Rowan were at Q-bar downtown celebrating the book advance, Steve called to give us an update on his own recent move to an old house in Tainan. I expect open-house-warming season will begin soon, and we shall have to pry Dean away from his incapsuled life in Taipei to show him a bit of the rest of the island. I myself am looking forward to doing a bit of travelling around when I get more time to do so with my new job. Getting an English-language publisher for the Damn Book, getting a start on the next one, and writing scripts for short films all take priority, however. I’ll probably end up mixing it all up; I usually do.

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