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May 17 2002

My job in a nutshell: To: TC Lin/O&MTPE Subjec…

My job in a nutshell:



Dear TC,

Can we combine the words “Responsive + ability = Responsivibility”?

Please feedback~


To: Green Chou/O&MTPE


Dear Brad,

Don’t even think about it. There’s enough of these pseudo-words floating around the corporate world already without idiots making more up whenever they can’t think of the correct term for some random thought they had. By the way, you can’t use the word “feedback” as a verb, either. And I’m getting pretty sick of “solutions” as well, to be honest. They don’t pay me enough to be the kind of person that willingly uses words like “synergy”.


Just sharing a glimpse of the joyous experience that is my job. At least it’s Friday. I was going to meet Sho tonight at Sogo for dinner, but his grandmother is in town so he can’t come out tonight. My friend Mindcrime is coming up to Taipei tomorrow, and Maoman from the Oriented Crowd is having a birthday bash tomorrow night. It’s been raining on and off all day, so hopefully the water restrictions will be eased soon.

I’ve been trying to speak more Taiwanese with people. Usually I can get by ok, but the other day I was talking politics with a taxi driver, got in way over my head and had to switch to Mandarin to express myself clearly. Oh, well. Serves me right for living in Taipei for so long.

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