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May 19 2002

Mindcrime called me up yesterday morning as I was …

Mindcrime called me up yesterday morning as I was playing a game on my computer. He and his girlfriend Janice were already on a bus to Taipei, and we played cell phone tag at the Taipei Main Station for a while before finally running into each other outside the East 3 Gate, where we promptly told each other how fat we’d both gotten. Janice was up in Tianmu doing some chorus thing, so we shunned the fine weather and took the underground mall route up to our old stomping grounds around the Linshen movie theater and Caves Bookstore. The area’s improved a lot lately, and we stopped in one of the many fake Starbucks, aka “IS Coffee”, for a snack. Mindcrime couldn’t resist snapping a most unflattering picture of me (I know, what other kind is there? Shut up.) as I was chomping down on a fake sandwich. Just like old times. Mindcrime is considering moving back up to Taipei; I for one hope he does, as I could use his expertise when I make my next film.

Janice showed up after we had established the fact that there’s still not much to look at at Caves, and we took a cab over to the Tandoor Indian restaurant. The food there was better than I remembered. Perhaps I should have eaten there more often when our office was right next door. Mindcrime wanted some pictures of temples so he and Janice went over the the Xingtian Temple on Minchuan E. Rd, while I took the MRT down to Xinyi Rd. to meet up with Kirk. Our destination was the United Mix bar, which had a sign on the front saying it was closed due to the water cutoffs today. I called Maoman and he reassured me that the party would definitely be taking place. Kirk and I decided to spend the time before the party at a nearby park where were cussed out by some three-year-olds for hogging the swings.

When we went back to UM it still appeared deserted, but it turned out that all the action was downstairs. In fact, more action that I was prepared for. It seems that UM that night was the Bar of Strange Connections. The birthday party was not just for Maoman, it was for another fellow as well, and he turned out to be the teacher of one of my roommates, Lin Jia-wen, who was also there. It also turns out that Lin Jia-wen, who insisted that his cable setup is much superior to my adsl, by the way, happens to be tutoring one of Kirk’s classmates. As I often say, small island.

They were serving small sandwiches, chips, celery and other assorted rabbit food, and a curious-tasting red liquid with the dubious name of “Concubine’s Lament” or something like that. It was chock full of vodka, of course, and before long the room began to rock gently, like a large ship is stormy seas. It was no earthquake this time. It was the Concubine’s Lament. Kirk was roaring drunk by the end of the evening, wildly accusing me of not warning him about the punch, but I wasn’t in much better shape myself. It was great. The music was fresh, the company interesting, and a good time was had by all, as far as I can remember.

This morning I struggled out of bed, surprisingly hangover-free, and went back to the hospital for a check up on my itises, which seem to be pretty much gone. The doctor concurred, and gave me two more bottles of opium. I now have over three bottles of the stuff and could probably open up a small stand and sell it on the street. This could be the beginning of a lucrative new career for me.

I have to get over to Jake’s now and meet up with Dean and some other people. We’re going to have brunch and then go try to see Episode II at Warner Village. I’m trying not to expect too much, but I’m still looking forward to seeing it. It’s a beautiful, sunny day, but not too hot. Seems that our drought will continue.

Two new pictures at the Mirror Project. Enjoy.

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