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Jan 04 2002

Last night I had a strange dream. I was floating i…

Last night I had a strange dream. I was floating in the ocean next to the wrecked, barely floating half of an old steamship. I had the impression for some reason that it was the Titanic, except that for some reason, half of it had stayed afloat after breaking in two. But the water was warm and the ship much too small. Most of us survivors were in the water, trying to push it along, when we came under attack by an airplane, an old WWII-style one. Our leader climbed up on the ship and painted a sillouette of the plane breaking in two on the rusted metal plating, apparently in the hope that the pilot would see it, freak out and crash. It worked.

As this was happening, however, we came across the coast of the Philippines, which was odd since I had thought that we were in the North Atlantic, and the guy steering the ship didn’t notice. We were shouting up to him to steer towards the lush green coast when the dream ended. I don’t usually remember my dreams, but then again I don’t think I usually have such bizarre ones.

Today began rather well. The weather is nice, and I was feeling good, completely recovered from my cold, so I rode my motorcycle in to work today, but after lunch I started to feel shitty again, so I might just skip sword practice tonight. They haven’t been teaching anything new lately anyway, and I really should start looking for another class.

I’ve also been digging through the W&L Alumni website, looking for alums involved in publishing, of which there are quite a few. Since the Journalism School is pretty well-known, a lot of them are quite high up, mostly presidents, CEOs, chairmen, senior editors, etc., at large publishing companies including Random House, St. Martin’s Press, Simon & Shuster, the Columbia and Princeton University Presses and Time-Warner-Fortune Magazine. The million-dollar question is: will any of them give me the time of day? And if so, what time will they give me?

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