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Aug 21 2002

Last night after work I helped the air conditioner…

Last night after work I helped the air conditioner guy fashion a place for the air conditioner and then lift the thing into its spot. At first it made a horrible noise which sounded like a helicopter landing on the roof, but the guy wedged some wood in the frame to stop it. I then went out for dinner at My Other Place with Mindcrime, but a group of people I suspect were all members of the same fraternity pretty much ruined the atmosphere, so I had to return to my new home and face the inevitable: The First Night. I cleaned up the mess from the construction and spread out some more roach traps to make sure the kitchen is as roach-free as possible before I start using it, took a shower and got ready for bed. For some reason I was nervous about sleeping there and lay awake for a while listening to the radio. I suppose part of it stems from the same place as my unwillingness to unpack: I’m still not 100% sure I want to stay there for the long haul. My mind, conditioned by the constant moving my family went through during my childhood, kept telling me there must be something better out there, something just as cheap, but with an elevator.

In spite of my misgivings, I slept surprisingly well, waking up refreshed and comfortable without recalling any sensations of roaches crawling across my face in the night. The combination of sealant and the air conditioning seem to work to keep the cooking smoke out of the place, and the quiet privacy of the place is reassuring. One good thing about it is that the windows face west, instead of the east-facing windows I had before, which cause the rising sun to interrupt particularly lavish REM cycles. Now I just get that general lightening effect, which works much better. I suppose the place just might be ok after all.

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