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Mar 28 2002

Just back from the Oriented thing. It was interest…

Just back from the Oriented thing. It was interesting, but I didn’t meet as many regular posters as I had expected to. Trader Vic’s is a rather cheesy sort of place, and the atmosphere wasn’t helped by the pseudo-Brazilian bongo music. Dean and I got there around 7pm, and only a handful of people had arrived. Later on droves of oriented-related crowds showed up, but apart from a couple of people I recognized, they were all strangers to me. I did see Cranky Laowai, Ironlady, Jaba and Maoman. We should have had those name tags like at a class reunion so that everyone would know who everyone else was. Instead, it was more like “Hey, are you the guy with whom I carried out a protracted and largely meaningless online argument lately?” “Well, I’m one of them. Could you be more specific?” “The thing about using the letter x on signs….” “Oh, that! Yeah! Ok, uh…yer a moron. Want a drink?”

It’s a good idea, though, don’t get me wrong. I wonder how having met some of the posters and moderators will affect the way people post in there, if it affects them at all. Probably not. Posting on Oriented is like getting into a car and heading into traffic; you lose the veneer of civility. Christine said that I wasn’t at all how she had imagined me to be. Well, I was nervous at the prospect of all of these people I knew but didn’t know I knew, if you know what I mean. I’m not usually that nice.

It looks as if Fubu.com ain’t showing itself any time soon, so what the hell, here are two views of the Virtual Poagao lounging around in Virtual Underwear, or at least as close as I could get with the Virtual Self Generator. Pathetic, really.

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