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Sep 16 2002

Juke was empty at brunch. Of the entire cast of th…

Juke was empty at brunch. Of the entire cast of the play, only Dean and I were there. No scripts, no reading, no discussion. It was the best rehearsal we’d had yet. Mindcrime was there but left in disgust when I was late. As if he didn’t know that I’m nearly always late to everything. In any case, he got revenge by putting my disembodied head all over his website. Doesn’t he know that this will generate so much publicity that I will become stronger than he ever imagined?

Sunday was dreary with the tired threat of rain. I walked around empty neighborhoods and somehow ended up near Sogo, where I was wandering aimlessly when Little P called. He was in town, having gotten leave earlier than he expected. We met at 45 and ended up at his place, where I spent the night. Mmm, a shower with water pressure and a night of cuddling followed by being shaken awake by a small earthquake this morning. There’s been quite a few little quakes recently. Makes me wonder what’s going on around here, techtonically speaking.

Little P spent today playing golf for some reason. I suppose it’s part of his Taiwanese gangster training. He’s going back to his base tomorrow morning, and will probably get some time off for the Moon Festival. He will po-dong soon. Po-dong, or Pua-dang in Taiwanese, is army-speak for having been in the army for a year and means, literally, “break though winter”. I can tell he’s really looking forward to it, and I don’t have the heart to tell him just how meaningless it is once you’re past it, how time slows down the closer you get to your discharge date. That was my experience, anyway; maybe it will be different for him.

Today as I was consuming a sandwich at a seat by the front window of a Subway near my office, a beggar with elephantitus walked by and stopped on the sidewalk in front of the store. He had small mattresses wrapped around his legs and wore nothing but a jacket and cut-off pajama bottoms, his engorged testicles swinging ponderously as he set down his begging bowl and lay down on the concrete. He glanced at me unemotionally as I sat there finishing my sandwich, as if he was just doing his thing, and I was just doing my thing. He lay there for maybe a minute before getting up and continuing down the street, perhaps to find a better spot.

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