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May 09 2002

I’ve discovered the cause behind the drought. A fe…

I’ve discovered the cause behind the drought. A few months ago, tired of my feet getting wet all the time from the constant rain, I bought some waterproof shoes. What was I thinking? Of course there’s going to be a drought. 20/20 hindsight, as always.

They’re going to start water rationing on Monday, cycling through five major districts in Taipei, with one going without water each day. Of course, everyone is going to fill their bathtubs with water and/or visit their friends to borrow their showers on the day they themselves have no water. I don’t know if this will really help the situation. As usual, our dear government has decided to wait until the crisis is upon us before reacting to it. Preventative, schpreventative! Of course, I should have thought it through before I bought the shoes. Hmmm, maybe if I go buy some sun lotion it will reverse the effect…but then I would have to buy NT$3,000 worth of sunblock.

I’m also feeling a bit under the weather, so to speak. Dean tells me that a lot of people have been complaining about feeling a bit off lately. Personally, I think it’s something lurking at the very bottom of the reservoirs, regions of water we haven’t been using for 22 years, since the last drought. Something we don’t understand. Something that escaped because someone didn’t properly “burp” the tupperware. In any case, while I was planning to go practice “pushing hands” tonight, I think I will probably just go home and go to bed early.

Last night I met with the Asian Culture publisher. We discussed the damn book over Japanese food at a place on the corner of Nanjing and Jianguo. I think that, unless some large, well-known publisher comes to me out of the blue and offers me a wonderful book deal, I will probably go with them. They seem pretty eager about it, and I think I can trust them to now screw me over in the process. Once I get some helpful commentary on my manuscript back from some of my friends, I will begin the daunting process of trying to find an agent/publisher in the US.

After finishing my meeting with the publisher I went to FNAC to drool over the DV cameras and pick up some stuff, and then to the 70’s Airport Love Palace last night to have a few drinks with the folks there, including Graham, who has posted the first entry in his blog. Keep it up, mate!

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