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Sep 12 2002

I’ve been toying with the idea of heeding the gove…

I’ve been toying with the idea of heeding the government’s “Go South” policy this weekend by taking a trip to someplace like Tainan, where Steve and his wife Irene live. Whether or not the weather will cooperate is anyone’s guess, and Steve probably has better things to do than show me around the area. Still, it would be nice to get on a train bound for a relatively faraway place. Something soothing about that, for some reason. I’ve always preferred trains to buses in this respect, not just for the smoother ride but also for the stronger dedication to the concept of travel a train has over a bus. A train is a solid part of a travel system, always going somewhere no matter whether you’re on it or not, whereas a bus is just a large car that can get caught in a traffic jam, pull over for lunch or to pick someone up at any time. And the driver of a bus is just some guy, whereas the driver of a train is an engineer. Worlds of difference there.

Harry came over this evening so that I could help him extract himself and one of his sisters from a pyramid scheme another of his sister had gotten them into. If they didn’t get out quick, the people from the Home Shopping Channel/Network/bazaar/whatever were going to come to their house in Sanchong demanding either money or some kind of living sacrifice, so I helped them navigate the website and cancel their “membership”. When he first asked me what I thought of the scheme, I stared at the screen for a moment and then said “that’s no moon” but he didn’t get it. Then I tried “I have a bad feeling about this” and he got the picture. Their older sister is going to tough it out in the hope of riches working from home, however. Good luck.

Last night I met up with Dean, Mindcrime, Alien and Brian at the Shannon, a place I should probably avoid due to the price and the food, among other things. Once the group grew to over six people, however, all of the social misfits fell out of the conversation and had to leave, so Mindcrime and I went to the Xuliushan on Civic Blvd for Mango-related desserts. Mmmmmmmango!

Got a couple more Mirror Project photos up. Go have a gander.

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