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Feb 18 2002

It’s three in the morning. I’ve been running aroun…

It’s three in the morning. I’ve been running around all day trying to get all of my materials ready for the book expo tomorrow. I think I’ve got everything, but a lot depends on whether I can make copies at the office tomorrow morning. Dean, Gavin and I went to the pre-expo opening dinner at the Hyatt. Dean had thought that it would be a mixer-kind of affair where I could hand out the special namecards Dean and I came up with, and maybe chat with people. The expo people, however, had other plans, including playing “Dixie” and southeast Asian dancing to the music of Kitaro. There was also a puppet show/lion dance and excellent mashed potatoes. At least we got a free meal.

Tomorrow, or in reality, in a few hours, I am going to have to get up, get dressed up (I even bought new shoes this time. Dress shoes, which I haven’t worn in a decade), get to the office and print out a shitload of book proposals before I meet Dean at the New York, New York McDonald’s at 9. I feel like I’m back in school, only this is more important and risky than anything I ever did in school. Speaking of risky, I’ve also got to explain to my boss why I’m taking a couple of days off right after the Chinese New Year break. I think I’ll go with “Vague Truth” this time.

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