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Feb 14 2002

It’s been really nice having the entire apartment …

It’s been really nice having the entire apartment to myself the past few days. The other people in the apartment as starting to return, so I can’t just keep my door open all the time and let the refreshingly traffic fume-free breeze through. Nor can I keep playing loud jazz music late at night when I’m in the shower, which has significantly more water pressure when I’m the only one here. Chinese New Year’s in Taipei this year was a significant improvement over previous years. Enough places were open so it wasn’t hard to find food, the weather’s been good so far, and I’ve gotten a bit of work done.

I’ve been thinking that it would be really nice to have a little place of my own, like a small apartment or studio, even if it’s not in the city proper. But I have to get my damn book published and see how it does before I can make proper plans for my next step, which could be anything.

The weather was quite nice yesterday and even nicer today. It’s tempting me to stray from my original plan to hammer out my damn book proposal, but I’ll probably just take an extended walk around lunch to compensate. Dean should be getting back in town today, hopefully bearing the only Dunkin’ Donuts available in the region.

When I was at Bret’s party I came across an ad for a webtoon called Queer Duck. At first I thought it was horribly stereotypical, but after watching a couple of episodes, I rather like it. It’s funny, and the last episode is even a bit touching. But now I can’t get the frickin theme song out of my head! “Queer Duck…he’s intellectual…Queer Duck…he’s homosexual…Queer Duck….”

Ok, enough ducking around. To work!

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