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Jun 28 2002

It wasn’t immediately apparent when I walked into …

It wasn’t immediately apparent when I walked into Chili’s last night where the Oriented crowd was, but when I made my way to the bar I found my way blocked by people handing out name stickers. Bingo. I recognized a couple of people there, and as soon as I affixed the sticker with “Poagao” written on it, a few people even recognized me. “I’ve seen your website. It’s a lot of fun,” one guy told me. I felt a bit at a disadvantage, not only because I didn’t know nearly as much about this guy as he seemed to know about me, but I also felt suddenly that I am a much more interesting person online than I am in reality. Dozens of people read these descriptions of my daily activities, but put me in a group with more than four people and I’m at a loss for things to say. Put me in a roomful of people, and three minutes later I’m alone at the bar, taking pictures of myself and munching on chips and salsa as I scan a newspaper for absurd stories.

I did talk to a few people, but not for very long. Maoman showed up eventually, and we chatted a bit. An aqcuaintance came over and asked me if I liked classical music. When I said yes, she seemed surprised. “Choral music?” she ventured, and when I nodded, she was clearly shocked. “I’m selling tickets to a Baroque Choral concert next Wednesday night….you….you wouldn’t maybe want to buy one….”

“Sure, give me the best seats you got,” I said, sending the poor girl reeling. Perhaps it was the fact that I was wearing my Fuck Very Hot shirt and a fubu skullcap.

“I’ll take two of those,” Maoman added, snatching the tickets out of her hand as she hit the floor in a solid faint.

Our work there done, we skipped out on the Oriented crowd and went to see Bad Company. Just because we were in the mood for Bruckheimer action flick, no matter how bad it was. Well, it was bad, of course, but I mean that in a good way. I’ve always liked Chris Rock, and he seems to be getting into the acting bit more and more with each movie. Plus, he’s filling in a bit physically as well, which means he’s getting even better looking, to me at least. I present this as yet another illustration of how people considered good looking by most people just don’t do anything for me. Denzel Washington, for example. I think Chris Rock is better looking than Denzel. LL Cool J is, too, for that matter.

Oh, and the movie was ok, too, I guess. Just bad.

Afterwards Maoman gave me a ride home, even letting me drive his Majesty for part of the way. It was nice and smooth, but I didn’t like not having instant and abundant torque available to me as on my own bike. Perhaps if I were getting a scooter I would get one of the new 250cc deals.

Speaking of larger bikes, Kymco is putting on a little show on Monday downstairs where you can fork over a couple thousand NT to ride around the parking lot on a large motorcycle, the very one parked in our lobby a while back. I don’t know if I will give it a whirl, but I will definitely be watching other people give it a try. I wonder if they have a “You scratch it; you buy it” policy.

Today was our company anniversary. We were supposed to be able to cast off the chains of work today and enjoy the little food stands and games set up throughout the office, but for some reason people kept sending me work to do. Quite annoying, that. The food wasn’t very good, but they did set up a Counterstrike LAN in one of the meeting rooms, which was fun. I think they should have gone a step further and created an accurate simulation of our office environment, complete with maps of our bosses, and then let us run around and shoot them. But that’s just me.

And now….the weekend. Mindcrime should be coming up, Shirzi and Dean might want to go swordfighting in the old bamboo grove, I was invited to a party involving not understanding what a group of Spanish people were saying, and of course there will be brunch and Casablanca awaiting my attention on Sunday afternoon. Womble and I have been working through the new soundtrack for the film, and the damn book problem should be resolved at some point next week, and hopefully I won’t end up engendering any jihad-style vengeance in the negotiations.

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