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Feb 20 2002

In light of the revelation that there just aren’t …

In light of the revelation that there just aren’t any big-name international publishers willing to send anyone to Taipei, I took my proposal around to some of the many local publishers at the expo today, and was surprised to find several companies who expressed serious interest, which is odd as I wrote the proposal in English expressly for foreign publishing companies. One of the interested local companies claims to be well-connected in the US publishing industry and might want to do both English and Chinese versions of the book. I know that it’s too early to think too much about this, but it’s encouraging to know that, even if I can’t find a US or UK publisher, I can at least get it published here. I still don’t know if I will have to translate it myself or not.

My feet are still sore from walking around the TWTC all day in dress shoes. At least the weather was sunny and warm today. I ran into Gavin, who was on his way to interview some Australian guy who inserts banal captions to public-domain photos and sells them as books, calendars and whatnot. Apparently the guy has made millions catering to the Sappy Market, and since Taiwan is the Capital of Sap, he’s doing promotional things here. I hope Gavin did his best to make the man feel uncomfortable. Gavin’s good at that, I must say. I would have stayed to watch if I felt I could trust myself to keep from bursting out in derisive laughter at the guy.

Back to work, and comfy shoes, tomorrow. I plan to steal a trip over to the TWTC on Friday to check and see if any more international publishers have decided to show up, but otherwise I’m pretty much done with this. Next step, I suppose, is to start emailing queries to international publishers and perhaps agents, casting fishing lines in the hope of stirring up some attention.

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