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Mar 28 2002

In a typical Taiwanese spring fashion, the weather…

In a typical Taiwanese spring fashion, the weather can’t seem to decide exactly what it wants to do; it’s bright one day and gloomy the next. It started out sunny and warm today but then degenerated into haze and then clouds and mist. Dean and I were impressed today at lunch when our food at Ruby Tuesday’s came within 5 minutes of our ordering it until we found that, in their rush to provide us with prompt service, they had forgotten to actually cook the food. Still, the raw Teriyaki Chicken wasn’t bad. In fact, it was among the best raw chicken dishes I’ve ever eaten.

We spent most of the time talking about our respective movie ideas. Yesterday I spent a similar lunchtime discussing film ideas with Paul, tall Paul from the play last year. Everyone is thinking of doing a movie, it seems. I don’t blame them; it’s a fun thing to think about. But it’s even more fun to do, and hopefully I will be doing it soon. I plan to photocopy the news articles from the Times and TVBS Weekly to include in my queries, compile a list of publishers and agents, and then begin stuffing everything in bottles and setting them adrift in the South China Sea. I might use email as well.

I’ve finally got a new monitor! Perhaps the Big Boss actually took my hint the other day and ordered the IT department to get off of its collective ass and start issuing equipment to those who actually need it. Of course, my system felt that this was too good to be true and promptly began to direct me to various random websites when I clicked on a link. Now, when I indicate that I want to go to, say, google.com, it takes me to a Russian email server. Yahoo.com has been replaced by the splash page of breakdancer in New Jersey who harbors Amish tendencies. And clicking on cnn.com gains me access to Latvia’s national budget control. What’s the currency there worth these days, by the way? Luckily Blogger.com is still Blogger, although for all I know these words are appearing on the giant Trinitron in Times Square and/or Budapest.

Tomorrow, 2/28, is a holiday for us, but not the government offices, so I will use it to travel out to Sanchung and change my official residency out there. I have a deep dislike of Sanchung, but I haven’t been over there in a while. Perhaps it has improved. It could happen, I guess.

Tonight is the oriented anonymous meeting for addicts of that site. The only thing I know for sure about it is that it involves food, which is promising. I hear it might involve talking to people as well.

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