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Sep 01 2002

I went hiking around Muzha for most of this aftern…

I went hiking around Muzha for most of this afternoon and then went browsing at the Dun-nan Eslite. Since Boogie lives nearby, I thought I would pay him a visit and check out his shiny new Mac G4. He’s still doing TV shows and promoting his series of English-teaching books, and he played a few of his latest songs for me. They’re pretty funny songs. His wife Amanda is coming back to Taiwan around Chinese New Year, and they plan to move out of their tiny room off of Ren-ai Road as soon as they have a kid. I used to drool over his place, but it seems small and cramped now. It’s still a good location, though, and at least he has an elevator.

Afterwards I came back home and sat through Bridget Jones’ Drivel. I know this sounds hypocritical, but I couldn’t find any redeeming factor in this film. Sure, you’re saying, but you write drivel in here every day! Yeah, but I don’t go make millions of people sit through an excruciating movie based on my drivel, now do I? At least mine would be suitably bizarre. Perhaps it’s my distinct lack of appreciation for Renee Zwelliger. I haven’t liked her any other of her movies either.

I did manage to finish the Chungking Mansions Taipei page as a replacement for my previous room-oriented page. Go take a tour of my new digs.

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