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Aug 20 2002

I went back to my old place on Da-an Park last nig…

I went back to my old place on Da-an Park last night after work. The room was practically empty; I just had a few things left there. I took a nice, long shower in the big bathroom and lay on the bed in the air conditioning. It felt good. Too soon the new tennant called and said she was downstairs. She was accompanied by a large American fellow who said he wasn’t moving in with her, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t end up spending a lot of time appreciating the view. My view, dammit. Oh, well.

I gathered up the last of my things, turned the keys over to her, and left, passing some toys I had bought for the repair shop owner’s kid to the old veteran who sits downstairs. I walked through the park, with all of its twilight revelry, and over to the new place through alleys lined by the apartments of the super-rich, picture windows illuminated by spot lighting and the glow of huge flat-screen TVs. I didn’t feel like staying in the new place, so I met up with Mindcrime and Dean for Lei-cha and fried tofu at a place on Civic Blvd. The decor was as traditional as the items on the menu. Lots of wood carving. Good tea, fun conversation.

Afterwards, I again didn’t feel like sleeping in the new place without any A/C, so I took the MRT over to a sauna in the West Gate District, a place I happen to have a lot of coupons for, to spend the night. I luxuriated in the big pools of water and strong massage showers, then retired to a bare room for the night. It’s been ages since I’ve been to that sauna, or indeed any sauna. Getting up in the morning, washing and soaking all over again, and then walking into the fresh morning sunshine recalled similar experiences from years and years ago, back when I would often spend nights at saunas. Taking the MRT to work was simple and quick.

This afternoon the AC guy came over to the new place to take measurements for re-installing the air conditioner. The landlord was there, but the AC guy was late. He fiddled around with the window while I tried to plug all the holes in the walls of the kitchen and bathroom with sealant. Then, as he was still working, I scattered roach motels all over the place, practicing my Taiwanese with him as I did so. It was past 3 by the time I got back to work, my hands covered in sealant goo, but nobody seemed to notice that or my tardiness. Hopefully the air conditioning situation will be sorted out this evening so I can start sleeping in the place. Otherwise, well, I’ve still got several sauna coupons. I have no idea how this goo is supposed to come off, though. Maybe I should get some turpentine. At least it might be able to overpower the cooking smells.

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