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Oct 03 2002

I was wandering around the Estrogen Mall wasting t…

I was wandering around the Estrogen Mall wasting time before the movie I wanted to see, Road to Perdition, started, when I ran into Mindcrime and HG Janice. They were both sick with colds, and so naturally wanted to eat curry at the mall food court, and then of course there’s that mafia hit order thing, which is always a good reason for a spur-of-the-moment outing. Turns out there wasn’t any curry available, so we went down for some Movenpick Caramelly Caramel ice cream, which was the most delicious ice cream I’ve had since the stuff I had at Baskin-Robbins after piano lessons in Texas when I was about 8.

Unfortunately, or fortunately in the long run since I shouldn’t be eating too much ice cream these days, some chemical combination in that flavor gave me a huge headache which grew over the next two hours as I watched the movie, which I still enjoyed immensely. The heavy-contrast cinematography made for a rich, dark experience, and the acting was excellent all around, especially Michael Jr. The only that that slightly bothered me was the seemingly rehashed soundtrack from American Beauty. It just didn’t seem to fit, somehow. Otherwise, the film was a real masterpiece. Ok, there’s my blurb.

My headache worsened after the movie, once I had time to pay more attention to it. I gulped down a panadol and spread Green Oil on my forehead while watching some red-shirted Taijimen dancers in the Liugongchuan Park behind Sogo before walking over to United Mix for dinner. It was an Avenue Night, as opposed to an Alley Night. Some nights I gravitate towards the homey, small-town feel of Taipei’s alley, looking into small shops and dodging scooters, but tonight I felt more like strolling down the broad sidewalks under the trees that line Dunhua South Road, looking in large department store windows and taking in the more modern aspect of the city’s nightscape. I even added a new picture that I took on the way to my photography page.

Kirk is back in Taiwan after visiting Shanghai for a week with his family. Hopefully he will have tales to tell and pictures to show on Sunday when he, Victor and I have lunch and wage a battle to upgrade my computer to the dreaded XP operating system. Actually, what usually happens is Victor will be slaving away fretting with the software while I hover and Kirk lays on my bed reading Chinese ghost novels and making smart remarks.

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