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Feb 15 2002

I was on my way to get some lunch at about 3pm yes…

I was on my way to get some lunch at about 3pm yesterday when who but Graham should call me and say “Hey, mate, we’re having a barbeque, come on over,” so of course I had to go. And of course I had to ride my motorcycle, and so of course the weather had to go from brilliant to shitty in the space of an hour. Still, I haven’t had a good barbeque in ages, and the greasy hamburgers right off the grill were truly delicious.

Dean, just back from the Philippines where he spent a week on a uncharted island with various wacky characters, dropped by as well, and I was shocked to see that he was actually bearing Dunkin Donuts! Hooray! The large pink-and-white box was the source of my midnight snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner today. Just pop them in the microwave and ZAP you’ve got fresh donuts.

So the past couple of days haven’t really been the best for healthy eating. I will have to make up for it later if I am going to retain my chunky figure.

Today I fooled around a lot, but I did manage to get a semblance of a book proposal together. At least it is a rough basis I can work from, in any case. Tomorrow Jacques, who used to be a translator at the newspaper I worked for and who filmed our play a few months back, is having a “Five-minute Film Festival” at his house, just for films of less than 5 minutes. I am planning to take a couple of my short films over and show them, although I have no idea whether anyone is going to show. Still, I should get out more, and it could be fun.

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