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Mar 01 2002

I was eating rice noodles and fried tofu down in t…

I was eating rice noodles and fried tofu down in the basement food court of the New York, New York department store at lunch today when, all of the sudden, all of the metal security doors came down. Surprised employees rushed to move various objects out of the way, but some of the doors nevertheless got caught on chairs and tables and came to a loud, grinding halt. Numerous men with baseball caps and walkie-talkies appeared and began solemnly appraising the situation, which appeared to be a mistake rather than the apparent result of a diamond heist attempt. I love the lunchtime entertainment at New York, New York.

Warner Village, I found when I was returning from lunch, is currently occupied by high school students. They arrived in school buses and are still in their uniforms, so it doesn’t seem to be some sort of mass hooky-playing thing. Unless they hijacked the buses, but the students didn’t seem part of any tense standoffs, so I assume their presence is legitimate. What kind of school decided on a field trip to the local movie theater, though? I wish my high school had done that kind of thing. Would have saved me the trouble of skipping class the illegal way.

I went to look at mobile phones at the Nokia shop and found that the 5210 is now out, but the clerk was really unenthusiastic about it. He pointed out that it wasn’t really waterproof and the buttons are hard to push. “I don’t really know why they bothered,” he said in a tone not unlike that of Marvin the Robot from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I repeated the clerk’s depressing spiel to some other prospective customers who seemed interested in buying the phone, but the clerk didn’t seem to mind when they made faces and left. Odd.

Dean, Gavin, Jerome, Jacques and I are getting together tonight at the Q-bar after work. I need to swing by home to pick up a tape of my films to hand over to Jacques so he can submit it to the Expo festival thing on Sunday. I would like to see Carl, too, seeing as he is one of the few people I know who can read my manuscript and let me know in no uncertain terms exactly what he thinks of it and how I can improve it. I’d like to get his input before I begin the Big Push for English-language publishing.

In other news, I got a call this afternoon from Billy, who runs a travel service called, appropriately, “Billy’s Travel Service”, and who used to host a travel show for Era TV back when I worked there as a cameraman. It seems that he has gotten a deal for another travel show, but the network isn’t giving him a cameraman, so he wants me to accompany him to places like Europe and New Zealand, all expenses paid, and use his new Sony VX2000 digital video camera to film the show for him, Lonely-Planet style. All he wants to know is how much money I want.


I’d have to take a week off of work, but I think I can arrange that. He wants to go at the end of this month or at the beginning of next month, which is pretty quick. I would have to also get familiar with the camera and other equipment, but I can manage that. It’s the camera I want to buy to make my own projects, after all.

It sounds like a lot of fun. I think I’ll do it. The world would expect nothing less from an international acclaimed personality.

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