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Mar 29 2002

I was all ready to make the trip to Sanchung in th…

I was all ready to make the trip to Sanchung in the rain this morning. I got my documents together and stopped by the government offices on the corner near me to make sure I had everything, but the lady there said I needed a certain document from Harry, so I called him. He is in Kaohsiung, however, cleaning graves along with everyone else, and won’t be back until next week. So I couldn’t move my residency over there today. Now I’ll have to arrange that sometime next week instead.

I still felt like going out, so I took the MRT over to the West Gate District and bought a little radio receiver, a new backpack and some shirts. There was one orange shirt at the store with a picture of Adolf Hitler, the word “iconoclast” and other words of praise. I was tempted to get it just so I could take a picture and post it here, but I didn’t want to actually spend money on it. I pity the poor Taiwanese person who does eventually buy it and wear it in the presence of any westerners. “Why are they staring at me,” they will wonder, and then, “Why are they picking up those baseball bats and walking over here?”

The rain showed no signs of stopping, so I went to the Rainbow sauna. It was just the kind of weather for a visit to the sauna, and I felt like a nice hot shower followed by groping in a darkened steam room. I stayed until about 10, and then Kirk, who I met at the sauna, accompanied me to the West Gate Friday’s for some dessert and drinks before we went to The Source, which was quite empty. The whole time Kirk was regaling me with tales of his Sauna Exploits. Both of them.

Dean can’t leave Taipei tomorrow until at least 3pm, so we won’t be getting into Taichung until later, probably enough time for dinner, but not much else. I had wanted to visit my old stomping grounds at Tunghai University, but it looks like we won’t have time for that. It will probably be raining anyway. Still, it will be good to get out of Dodge for a bit.

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