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Jul 19 2002

I was adding the latest bits of this journal to th…

I was adding the latest bits of this journal to the document where I save it when, out of curiosity, I did a word count: Over 220,000 words in this thing so far. That’s like three small books, or two largish ones, in the space of a year and a half. Speaking of statistics, I also got my 20,000th unique visitor and my 50,000th hit yesterday. Here’s another one: I’m rated somewhere in the 1.8 millions according to the Alexa web search.

I’m still waiting for Locus’ answer to my questions from the last meeting we had. They said their boss was in a bad way, and so they might not be able to get back to me right away. Hopefully I’ll have their answer by Monday, anyway. If I do end up bailing from Asian Culture, I want to at least let them know within a reasonable amount of time. I feel bad dragging things out like this. Nature of the beast, I suppose.

I set up an interview for the job I was told about a few days ago. It’s the Monday after next, the 29th. I’ve only been in touch with them via phone so far, and every person I talk to seems to want reassurance that I am, in fact, not Chinese, at least not as they know it. They seem eager to meet me, though, which seems promising. It would be a nice part-time position with enough money to live on, especially if I move into the Chungking Mansions Taipei, where I can live for cheaper and develop nice meaty thighs from all the stair climbing. I am going to need to know what’s going on soon, though, so I can give the related parties enough time to get ready. I would need a couple of weeks, not only for my present job notice, but for my landlord as well.

I awoke this morning to the shuddering cacaphony of drills upstairs. It would seem someone has taken an active dislike to a fair bit of their walls. Negotiations have broken down. The walls won’t budge. So they bring in men with jackhammers to take them down. At 7 a.m. sharp. I was contemplating taking another day off from work, but once the drilling started up, I knew I’d get a lot more peace at the office than I would at home. They’ll probably work through the weekend, too. Joy.

Little P is in town but I’m too tired to go out tonight. Needs me rest, I does.

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