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May 13 2002

I took today off from work since not only do I sti…

I took today off from work since not only do I still have tonsilitis or bronchitis or some other itis, I pulled a muscle in my back the other day lifting a tank of water in preparation for today’s water cutoff. So now I’m on two different sets of medication after spending all morning in bed and all afternoon at the hospital. Hopefully I’ll feel like going in to work tomorrow, but I have to go back for a checkup on Wednesday morning. Oh, my weekend? Spent it in bed, basically. Kirk called me from Danshui’s Fisherman’s Wharf, and Harry and Yong-gen came over to give me some plastic inflatible toys they won at some sort of event over at the CKS Hall yesterday, which was nice. Other than that, however, it’s just been me and my bed.

We got a little rain today but likely not enough. It will take a typhoon or two to fill the reservoirs again, I’m afraid. At least it’s cloudy enough that the sun isn’t evaporating too much water. That’s all the news for now.

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