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Sep 23 2002

I left my apartment building this morning and, sur…

I left my apartment building this morning and, surprisingly enough, didn’t encounter sweat-inducing heat outside. It’s actually cool, almost long-sleeve weather. I knew such weather was on its way thanks to clues such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the fact that two of the four guys who play mahjong in the hallway on weekends had shirts on yesterday; the cooler temperatures are a real relief after such a long, dry summer. I don’t like winter much, but Autumn is especially welcome this year.

I’ve been fighting to stay awake at work today. Trial Kitten kept me up most of last night, mewing and mewing until I turned on the light and got up, staying silent as I tried to figure out where she was, and then starting up again after I had given up and tried to go back to sleep. Cue endless cycle. Oddly enough opening the wardrobe door will elicit a plethora of eager mewing from Trial Kitten. Perhaps the sound reminds her of something. When I left this morning she was behind a shoe-table in the front hallway. Hopefully she’ll get used to the apartment soon. I have to admit I need to get used to the feeling of having a cat around as well. I figure I’ll give it a week or two, and if we haven’t come to some kind of understanding within that time, I’ll just take it back to the flower market for someone else to adopt.

Two more pictures up at the Mirror Project, if you’re into that sort of thing. Also a special welcome to Berta and Maoman to the Cast of Characters. Their hard work and sacrifice over the years had absolutely nothing to do with their inclusion on this list; I just think they’re cool people.

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