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Mar 03 2002

I knew I shouldn’t have said anything about the ni…

I knew I shouldn’t have said anything about the nice weather. Someone up there must have heard me and decided to take it away, so now it’s cold and misty once again. Doh!

I was walking up Hsinsheng S. Road to go get some lunch when a familiar tune came wafting on the wind from the park. I walked over to find a wind ensemble playing the theme to Star Wars. They were obviously not professional, but they had a nice gutsy sound. It turns out that there were several local bands on the program, so I sat down to listen. The first band was mostly students, the second just people from the city, the third a bunch of self-proclaimed rich people, and the third mostly younger people. Afterwards I approached the conductor of the second band, which appeared to be one most likely to accept just anyone, and asked him what requirements there were to join. He asked me what I played, and I told him trumpet. He said they didn’t need any trumpet players. “Oh, I think you do,” I replied under my breath. Still, he did say that I could come check out one of their Friday rehearsals over in Wanhua. I think I might just do that. It’s been too long since I played in a group, and I miss it. Granted, I’d rather play bass in a rock band, but at least this way I don’t have to learn to play bass.

After the concert I proceeded to the nearest Subway for lunch, where I met an Australian bloke I recognized from Paul’s Keelung party. After we both finished and stepped out of the shop, two mormons rode by on bikes. I heaved a sigh of relief that they had missed us, but they apparently heard it and immediately circled back to corner us with Greetings from the Church of Latter-day Saints. As they waited for us to tell them our names, my friend held up a hand to momentarily fend them off, saying to me, “Do you want to just walk away? Because I don’t have a problem with this.” I said yes and did, feeling a bit guilty as the two mormons launched into their propaganda.

I did have an excuse, actually: sword practice, which has been moved to Sunday nights. It was good to get back into it after a few weeks of skipping it for various reasons, like the book fair and a bad back. It’s a bit far, especially for a Sunday, but at least I’m back into it. Not only are we going back over the sword forms and Tai-chi forms we learned before, now we’re starting in on the Yang Family Secret Style, which I want to learn just because it has a really cool name.

So all in all it’s been a really cool weekend, a substantial weekend, even though I technically didn’t get much done. Work looms tomorrow, but a nice bit o’ sleep lies between me and all that mess, so I’m not going to let it bother me tonight. No I’m not.

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