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Aug 15 2002

I just haven’t been feeling like myself lately. Th…

I just haven’t been feeling like myself lately. That’s probably a good thing. Another good thing is that I don’t feel quite as bad as I have for the past few days. Working two jobs isn’t much fun, but tomorrow is supposedly my last day at Ogilvy. I don’t know whether they’ve found someone to replace me. I doubt they will have an easy time trying to pursuade someone else to do the job for such a low salary. I will miss a lot of people there, as well as the familiarity of the place.

The new job is a bit nerve-racking because it’s such a different environment. It’s almost like the first day at a new school, where everyone is a potentially threatening Senior and the lockers need a coat of paint. I’ve been doing nothing but translation so far, and although I’ve never done professional translation before, I’m told that I’m better and faster than my predecessor. Perhaps they’re being polite, because the person whose place I took, who had a PhD, made more money. In any case, it hasn’t been a complete disaster and might just turn out ok once I get used to it.

The Move is looming, but it might be followed by another not long after. Stephen the Mover is coming to Move me on Sunday, presumably to the Chungking Mansions Taipei, unless I get a lead on someplace better before then. I thought I had found a good deal in Beitou, but then I discovered that when the wind came from a certain direction, the place was flooded with the smell from the Macdonald’s downstairs. Damn. I suppose there’s not much I can do at this point, however. The rich NTU girl who is moving into my present abode called me the other day. She wanted to move in early, and she used her whiny girly voice to try to persuade me. Needless to say, it didn’t gain her any points with me.

So, the new job, the new place, etc., have gotten me into a strange mood. Maybe it’s the heat exhaustion talking, but I just don’t seem to care much about anything these days. A “general Malaise” as the doctor at Taiwan Adventist Hospital typed into his file on me. He gave me some generic medicine and sent me on my morose, shuffling way. Perhaps this is just my mental state shifting gears.

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