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Jan 10 2002

I just have to say I love it when otherwise very f…

I just have to say I love it when otherwise very feminine and demure Taiwanese women in our office shout out petulantly “Awwww SHIT!” in English when something goes wrong. These are women that cover their mouths to giggle in embarrassment when someone points out that their blouse doesn’t quite match their skirt. Since English is the Fashionable Language, it seems they feel that there is nothing they can say in it that won’t make them appear the Height of Sophistication as long as it’s in some semblance of English.

When I curse, be it in English (I’ve been known to utter such choice phrases as “Holy Jesus Fucking Christ!” on occasions that called for it, such as when my computer catches fire, as it tends to do several times a day) or Taiwanese (“Gan li nia e cha jiba mao!” is a phrase that will get you laughed at and then promptly beaten to death with tire irons. Let’s just say it has something to do with the insultee’s mother), at least I know it makes me look like a complete, betelnut-chewing hick.

I don’t chew betelnuts anymore, however. Bad for the gums, you know.

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