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Dec 17 2002

I just got back from TV night at Dean’s, and in ad…

I just got back from TV night at Dean’s, and in addition to our normal fare of Drew Carey and Whose Line is it Anyway?, we watched two episodes of Six Feet Under, which I’d never seen before. At first I was completely and utterly lost; without a reference to put things in perspective the characters all seemed insane. As I watched, however, things began to come together and I started to enjoy it. It’s no Band of Brothers by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not too bad.

Speaking of things cinematic, I’ve still got only seven reviews of The End on Triggerstreet. Four of those are not entirely negative, which ain’t bad. If you fancy having a look yourself and perhaps even writing a review (hint hint), you’ll have to register and declare your top-five favorite movies of all time, but if you’re up to that challenge, there’s quite a few actually good films available for viewing inside.

This afternoon after belatedly sending off some Christmas cards to the States, I took advantage of the nice weather and walked down to the new BMW store on Jinshan S. Road. I went inside and asked the salesman what the smallest sized bike they had for sale was. After rooting through a dusty drawer for some related literature, he finally replied that they had two 600cc ones, but both were dirt bikes. The smallest regular street bike they had was over 1000cc. “But that’s useless in this city,” I said. “You’d never get anywhere, and where would you park it?”

“True,” the salesman admitted. “But it’s the way things are set up.”

“Brilliant,” I told him as I walked out the door. Not that I was originally planning to buy any new motorcycle, much less a huge BMW, but the pure idiocy of their sales strategy boggles the mind.

In other news, Mindcrime has added a TC-esque character to his list of superheroes on his site. It all sounds strangely familiar. I for one had no idea I was that…round. The reference to “Assassin” comes from a guy with that nickname, whom I worked with back in ancient times at TVBS.

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