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Apr 10 2002

I just got a call from a woman from the Taiwan Tel…

I just got a call from a woman from the Taiwan Television Network. They want to remake my room. It seems that they’ve got this program called “DIY King” where they go around remaking the homes of various people, and after they saw the TVBS Weekly story, they got the bright idea that I was an Interesting Person and thus a suitable candidate for their show, which I’ve never actually seen.

I laughed at the poor woman’s offer, if only out of pure incredulity. “What could I possibly have to do with the world of Do-it-yourself Interior Design?” I asked between chuckles. She wasn’t able to say exactly what it was about me that invited people to wonder what my room looks like, although the TVBS reporter did also ask to see it. Maybe they assume that my abode is as bizarre as my usual attire. I warned her that my room is rather small and noisy, and probably not worth fixing up, but she replied “Well, maybe we can do something about the noise.”

She was optimistic, I’ll give her that. The fact is, however, that I’m living on a major thoroughfare, Xinsheng South Road to be exact, and while the view is nice, the road noise is considerable and the balcony is tiny. It’s a one-man balcony, in fact. Still, if my landlord has no objections, I don’t suppose I do, either. They’re welcome to try. I still don’t quite see the point, though. Maybe I should move somewhere with more potential.

In other news (or lack thereof, I suppose): Sho isn’t answering his phone, hasn’t called, hasn’t responded to my text messages. I suppose I should stop trying to contact him. I made an effort; it didn’t work. It’s discouraging, but there’s also not much I can do about it. I plan to go drown my romantic failure-induced sorrow tonight after work at the Great Eastern Tavern on Changchun Rd. along with a few friends from the newspaper. Newspaper friends are especially good for that, somehow. There’s a certain rakish, yellowed air to old newspaper friends, a sense of having been through the same shit, I guess. Sort of like old army buddies, but more, I dunno, semi-literary or ostensibly worldly.

The Mirror Project put up another one of my photos. It’s a neat idea, the Mirror Project. Photography that includes the photographer, adding a whole new dimension to the picture, sort of like reading stories in their original handwritten form.

I’m having a conversation on ICQ at the moment. I can’t decide whether it is with a really clever AI program or a really stupid woman. Judge for yourself:

AI or woman: (3:28 PM) HI

Poagao: (3:29 PM) hi

AI or woman: (3:30 PM) WHAT R U DOING¡S

Poagao: (3:31 PM) working

AI or woman: (3:31 PM) WHAT IS YOUR JOB¡S

Poagao: (3:31 PM) I’m an editor.

AI or woman: (3:33 PM) O¡C ¡C ¡C ¡C

AI or woman: (3:34 PM) YOU R FREE NOW¡S

Poagao: (3:34 PM) Well, as I said before, I’m at work.


Poagao: (3:36 PM) Why not?

AI or woman: (3:37 PM) Are you curious¡S

Poagao: (3:38 PM) Should I be? About what?

AI or woman: (3:41 PM) ARE U BORING IN YOUR WORK

Poagao: (3:41 PM) I hope not..but I suspect I am.

AI or woman: (3:44 PM) I ALSO BORING¡T

Poagao: (3:45 PM) How honest of you to say that.

AI or woman: (3:46 PM) I DO NO WHAT I WANT TO DO¡S

Poagao: (3:46 PM) I can only guess what that means.

AI or woman: (3:46 PM) REALY

Poagao: (3:47 PM) Ok, ya got me. I have no idea what you want to do. Unlock your CAPS key, perhaps?

AI or woman: (3:50 PM) WHY

Poagao: (3:50 PM) Oh, I dunno. Just a hunch.

It’s not often I get to partake of such enlightening conversation. No, really.

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